Adam Schick gives a fall preview of the Florida Gators

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Host of Gator Tales Podcast, Adam Schick joins Matt for a fall preview of the Florida Gators. It’s gameweek for the Gators as they are taking on rival Miami in Week 0. Matt gets a thumbnail on the game before previewing the Gators’ season as a whole.

Florida will have a stifling defense again this year, but for the success to meet the expectations quarterback, Feliepe Franks will have to show marked improvement in his second year under head coach, Dan Mullen. Matt asks Adam if Franks is ready to take that next step and be an All-SEC quarterback.

“Franks gained tremendous confidence. He was the offensive MVP of the Peach Bowl,” Schick said. “All reports from camp and Dan Mullen are that Franks has made tremendous strides from last year to this year.”

Florida must replace four starters on the offensive line. Schick says with the lack of experience the Gators are turning to a veteran to be the glue.

“As far as the offensive line they are really looking for Nick Buchanan to anchor that as the center,” Schick said.

The Gators defense will be a solid unit, but Schick says if there is one unit who will need the most replaced it is the secondary.

“Right now they have the pieces they like,” Schick says. “But can they afford any more defections, any more guys on the bench, any more guys getting hurt, the answer is no.”

If thats the weakness then where is the strength on the defensive side of the ball?

“The strength is up front no question,” Schick said.

Schick points out that Florida has been very good at replacing the big time edge rushers with other guys who then become the focus.

So with all the expectations, where do the wins come from for Florida. Schick looks at the middle of the season as the Gators toughest stretch.

“Undoubtably, the start of October through the end of the month,” Schick said.

Schick says that Florida has the pieces to be a legit threat to Georgia in the East. It again comes back to Feliepe Franks and the offensive line. Schick says if those two things come together the Gators will give Georgia all they want in the race for Atlanta.

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