AFR 8-23-19 Hour 2 | The Riot Radio Hour w/Ryan Theriot

Weekdays 3PM - 6PM

In hour two of After Further Review, Ryan Theriot joins Matt for part one of the Riot Radio Hour. Matt begins to talk the Little League World Series, but Ryan has other ideas. Theriot interrupts Matt to provide an update on ‘our guy’ Coach Jerry Sullivan, who was spotted at Arizona Cardinals camp over the weekend.

Ryan does “Kick Rocks.” Some submissions from today include tailgating in 100 degree weather, Hawaii Little League and more.

Eastbank Little League star, Reece Roussel, joins Matt and Ryan to talk about what it’s been like gaining fame since the start of the tournament.

“Oh it’s awesome, I get so many messages on instagram, snapchat, texts,” Roussel said.

The guys wrap up with listener questions for Theriot in “AskRyan.”

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