After Further Review 12-28-17 Hour 2

After Further Review

Mike Detillier joined the show for the full hour, as he does every Thursday, to talk LSU and the Saints. Matt and Mike devoted 2 full segments to the Matt Canada situation.

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  1. Shane Toups esq. 28 December, 2017 at 21:42 Reply

    Detillier is an Orgeron shill, to the point of doing radios shows together. Can’t say the word “Hire” to save his life. Great, let’s get even more Ole Miss people at LSU. And then try to run a USC Offense? That’s what he tried & failed to do at Ole Miss. Saban must spend a good many nights just laughing at LSU’s stupidity.

    And just think, we fired the 5th winningest coach in SEC Football History…for Ed ricking Orgeron. Oh yeah “We coming”. Coming to bag groceries & pump gas at the chicken on a stick gas station near Ole Miss? “Fill ‘er up O!”, “Gotcha Chief….unleaded?” “Surprise me” <Job suitable to Ed Orgeron's skills.

    King , Alleva & Bleuxgeron the idiot all need to be fired for LSU to become competitive again.

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