Andrew Lopez thinks Pelicans 4th overall pick will be traded

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“It was the best possible deal the pelicans could get, considering the circumstances,” Andrew Lopez on Pelicans trading AD.

His initial thoughts: It’s a win for both teams. Lopez didn’t think Lakers player, Kyle Kuzma, was a good fit with Zion and that Griffin used Kuzma as bait for more picks. Lonzo Ball is elite at everything except his shooting. You put Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram with Jrue Holiday and that is a great defensive back court along with Zion. Defense will be good but Offense needs work.

So where does the offense come from? Pelicans will get 20 PPG from Zion, Ingram and Holiday, but still need shooting in starting lineup and on the bench. They could get Milwaukee Center Brooke Lopez is a possible free agent signee.

What do you use that with 4 pick?

Andrew Lopez thinks the 4th pick will be traded. What it gets traded for remains to be seen. Some teams don’t think this is just a three player draft and want that 4th pick. He’s heard that three to four teams have called the Pelicans about the 4th pick.

Best case scenario? Pelicans could trade 4th pick to the Washington Wizards in exchange for veteran guard Bradley Beal. Pelicans Forward Julius Randle will most likely leave in free agency.

“Let Randle go and spend money on shooting,” said Lopez.

He gave a quick scouting report on three new players.

Hart: Shot the ball better in his rookie year, solid 8-10 points. defend the entire back court.

Ingram: 20 points a game, needs to become more efficiency shooting the ball.

Lonzo: He can play a big role in Gentry’s system, needs to improve at shooting, FT needs to get better, a lot of questions. Reminds him of Rickey Rubio who came into NBA as an elite passer without a shot, but got better.