Barrett Sallee is a believer in LSU’s new offense.

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Barrett Sallee of has been one of LSU’s biggest critics over the last decade. Sallee has changed his tune and now says LSU is a legit national title contender. What changed his mind? The samething that has changed everyone’s mind, offense.

“Well you saw them go toe to toe with a Big 12 offense and out Big 12 a Big 12 offense,” Sallee said. “Seeing them do that right in front of my eyes, I was like finally!”

LSU certainly had a great showing against Texas, but they also did vs. Georgia Southern in week one. Did Sallee have any takeaways from the Tigers’ opener?

“Nope because we’ve seen that against a cupcake before,” Sallee said.

Coming into the season the SEC pecking order was thought to be Alabama, Georgia, and the rest. Matt asks Sallee if LSU is now the second best team in the SEC? Sallee takes it a step further.

“Their the second best team in the country,” Sallee said, “Show me a team in the country with better resume than LSU.I also think they are a College Football Playoff contender.” That could change of course, but they are a really good football team.”

Sallee says in his top 130 this week he ranks LSU behind only Clemson and ahead of both Alabama and Georgia. Does this mean Sallee believes the Tigers can beat Bama for the first time since the 2011 regular season?

“100 percent. I’m not saying they will, but they could,” Sallee said.

Joe Burrow’s success has been at the center of LSU’s offensive surge. Burrow is the catalyst. Is he now the second best quarterback in the SEC?

“No, I still think Jake Fromm is,” Sallee said. “Jake Fromm gets labeled as a game manager and I have no idea why. He makes every NFL throw, he’s won big games, he’s won an SEC Championship and been to a national championship. He’s done it longer, he’s done it better and longer than Joe Burrow.”

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