Bobby Hebert thinks Drew Brees will fade into the sunset if he wins a Super Bowl

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Former New Orleans Saint Bobby Hebert joined Jordy and T-Bob, his son, to recap what he’s seen from football preseason training camps. One thing’s certain, Hebert doesn’t have much love for NFL and college players complaining about “hitting a wall.”

“Hitting a wall? What wall, I mean you don’t go two-a-days anymore. I mean maybe I sound like an old curmudgeon, you know ‘get off my lawn.’ I mean they train year round, they should be ready to roll.”

He told some of his favorite training camp stories, including a 1986 stint in Hammond that was more like a football bootcamp.

“We named this thing Hammond Beach,” Hebert said. “We were going two-a-days and we would really run sprints until somebody would fall out or start throwing up.”

The New Orleans Saints ended the last two seasons with the Miracle in Minnesota and the NFC Championship no-call games. Considering their fate for those two seasons, Hebert talked about the extra pressure on this year’s squad.

“It’s kind of like Super Bowl or bust,” Hebert said of fans’ expectations. “If they get to double digit wins, I would not be disappointed.”

Also, Hebert said he thinks it’s important for the Saints to take advantage of Drew Brees this season.

“Tom Brady, seems like he’s going to make it to 45, but I don’t think Drew will. He’s taking it one year at a time and I’d almost bet that if Drew would win that Super Bowl that he would fade off into the sunset.”

Finally, Hebert rememberd a combined training camp fiasco between the Falcons and the Eagles known as a “living legend practice,” that turned into a brawl between players and coaches.

“They had to stop practice,” Hebert said. “They were supposed to practice against each other for three days and it didn’t even last two hours.”

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