Chris Reid is sure the Red Team will win the Red, Rock, & Blue Celeb/Sorta Celeb Softball Game

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LSU Baseball’s Chris Reid previewed the upcoming Red, Rock, & Blue Celeb/Sorta Celeb Softball Game.

First of all, is he going deep?

“Yeah that’s the plan,” Reid said. “I haven’t been completely into the swing of things, but yeah I’m going to go out there.”

Jacques grilled Reid on his prep work for the big game.

“Slight work on the preparation, but I have actually played in a few slow pitch softball games,” Reid assured Jacques.

Reid isn’t worried at all about the game. He thinks the Red Team is really going to give it to the other team and show them who’s boss.

“I feel like we’ve got the better team.”

What are Reid’s best memories from playing baseball at LSU?

“I’ll start with the double play against Florida my freshman year,” Reid said. “Obviously, going to Omaha was a huge opportunity.”

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