Chris Reid’s journey to getting back on the LSU baseball team

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“It was a slap in the face,” said Chris Reid of the day he learned he had been cut from the LSU baseball team following the 2018 season.

The day he received the news from LSU head coach Paul Mainieri also happened to be Reid’s birthday.  And as he left Alex Box Stadium, he was involved in a car accident in which his girfriend’s vehicle was totaled. The only thing he told himself was that the car accident could have been a lot worse.

Reid shared his comeback story with Matt Moscona on AFR, everything from coaching little leaguers at Traction ato the call he received from Antoine Duplantis informing him he had his spot back (and why he almost did not return to LSU).

The standing ovations.  The only home run of his career.  The most memorable moment.  Reid shares all of it in this interview.