Cole Henry Talks Arm Injury and Expectations for 2020 Season

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“It felt like someone was stabbing me in my bicep,” said Cole Henry.

That what it was like for Cole Henry pitching in Super Regional. He could tell from the first inning that something was wrong. At first, he told himself “I have to pitch threw it hopefully it will go away.” It didn’t. Every time he threw his fingers would tingle. The last throws were ‘killing’ him.

Coach Mainieri is a real stickler for arm injury. He pulled Henry out immediately.

“My arm is feeling great right now,” said Henry. He getting nerve on his bicep checked out by a doctor.

Henry talked about when he started to feel confident as a College pitcher. the exact moment was the third game againstTexas. “Everything felt great that day, I was striking people out… It takes me a little while to get back into the grove. Once the season started up I started to feel good,” said Henry.

Taking summer off, What are you doing in off season? Summer will go to doctor to found out nerve problems, then strength trainer program to prevent injury, go to Super Regional and win Omaha.

An Alabama native, Henry grew up an Auburn fan. His mom still wears Auburn colors but his dad is “all purple and gold.”

He only had one Auburn picture on his Instagram. It was the kick six game in 2013 Iron Bowl. I was on the opposite side. “We tried to tear down the field goal post, but they wouldn’t let that happen.” 

He committed to LSU in the 10th grade so he had plenty of time to get rid of all his Auburn gear before coming to Baton Rouge. He was wearing purple and gold at Auburn football game last year when Cole Tracey kicked the game winner. Henry said hecelebrated like crazy after the game.