Dick Vitale discusses Will Wade Reinstatement

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Dick Vitale discussed Will Wade reinstatement. The ESPN Analyst joined Jordy and T-Bob on Off the Bench. He reacted to the reinstatement of LSU Basketball coach Will Wade, which he thinks is a disgrace. However, he had much to say during the interview about how Wade handled the situation.

“(Wade) should have met with them initially, he’s very fortunate,” Vitale said. “Think about this. They could have fired him then and there for insubordination. Forget about the charges with the situation with the wiretap, but the fact that you refuse to meet with the president, refuses to meet with an AD, if they really wanted to play hardball, they could have ended it right there.”

While discussing the college corruption case and FBI wiretap, Vitale requested that Jordy and T-Bob “play the tape” of Wade’s comments, which isn’t possible because no one heard the tapes.

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