Fletcher Mackel thinks the Saints fan’s lawsuit against the NFL is an embarassment

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Jordy and T-Bob explain what being “rick-rolled” means to Fletcher Mackel of WDSU.

Mackel discussed how embarassing the Saints fan’s lawsuit against the NFL and Roger Goodell has become.

“You’re opening pandora’s box,” said Mackel. “The fact that it’s gone this far is an embarassment for the Louisiana judicial system.”

Mackel thinks the Saints need to get out of the preseason game unscathed and clean. He wants to see depth at receiver, who is Michael Thomas’ number two? Also, he’s watching the depth at cornerback in case something happens to Marcus Lattimore of Eli Apple.

Finally, Mackel confirms all of the Jordy’s hopes and dreams about camp darling Emmanuel Butler being ready for the preseason game.

“He’s missed so much time, that he has to do some catching up,” Mackel said. “Let’s see what he can do tonight.”

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