Food for Volunteers, Shelters Saturday


Team Fleur de Que, a competitive BBQ team from New Orleans, along with organizers of Hogs for the Cause have assembled a large group of volunteers to form Hogs Res-Que Team.  The Hogs Res-Que Team will also include Hogs for the Cause Barbecue Teams, March of the Pigs, Hog Dat Nation and Bacon Rouge, featuring our very own Jay Ducote.  The Hogs Res-Que Team’s sole mission is to feed those that have been affected by the recent flood.  We will be cooking this Saturday, August 20th, in front of GMFS Mortgage at 7389 Florida Boulevard in the Bon Carre’ Parking Lot.  We expect to start serving at 11AM for First Responders, cleanup crews, flood victims and anyone else in need of a warm meal.  We will continue our efforts until the food runs out.  Please come by for a barbecue lunch or volunteer to drive plate lunches to those in need and those cleaning up neighborhoods in the Baton Rouge area. You can find out more information on Facebook on the Hogs Res-Que Team Page.

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