Hour 1 | Coach Brady continues to preach the good word about LSU Football

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Jordy and T-Bob recapped the last stop of the LSU Football Coaches Caravan in Metairie last night. Coach Joe Brady continues to preach the good word about the team’s offense. Brady’s main point is he wants to get his playmaker’s into space.

“Brady continues to bang the drum,” T-Bob said. “He said the best way to prevent pressure is to apply pressure.”

LSU Football Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger talked about Joe Burrow’s leadership on the field and his ownership of the team. He breaks down forLSU fans why this year will be “the year.”¬† Furthermore, he thinks it’s important to get the right guys on the field.

“I just think it’s the addition of Joe Brady,” Ensminger said about the difference in this year’s team. “The direction we need to go is to get more speed on the field. We want to go faster.”

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