Hour 1 | The new LSU Operations facility is a mix of beauty and pragmatism

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Jordy and T-Bob are finally back after a week of galavanting around SEC Media Days.

Jordy gave a recap of Red, Rock, & Blue Celeb/Sorta Celeb softball game. Matt Moscona took the win, but Jordy thinks there should be a change up in how the teams are drafted in the future. Jordy gave a pitch for himself to step into a General Manager position.

Also, they discussed LSU’s new football facilities that were unveiled yesterday. LSU managed to creating something aethetically pleasing, but also something that is rooted in pragmatism.

“It’s a big deal on the recruiting trail when you can say we are exclusively the only school who can offer you this,” Jordy said.

Director of Equipment at LSU Greg Stringfellow joined Off the Bench to talk about the reveal for the new Football Operations facility.

Jordy and T-Bob discussed how it was possible to keep the facility a secret until now.

“People have heard about it, but everyone worked together and knew it was a secret,” Stringfellow said. “The players didn’t really want to see it until it was ready, they didn’t sneak around and try to see it.”

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