Hour 1 | Will Clapp discusses whether there is overriding pressure for the Saints to perform this year

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The band is back together with the whole team, Jordy, T-Bob, Rivers, and Nathan, hanging out in studio. Also, former OTB intern and current New Orleans Saint Will Clapp stopped by the studio.

Clapp talked about reporting to training camp soon and how he likes Cam Jordan’s new mustache. Also, discussed whether there is overriding pressure for Drew Brees and the team to perform this year.

“NFL is a business and it’s like that every year,” Clapp said. “We’re super laid back and we have fun.”

Will Wade broke down the additions James Bisop, Charles Manning Jr., and Trendon Watford to his team. Finally, he talks about how they plan replace the guys they’ve lost like Kavell Bigby-Williams.

“Good question, we’re still working on that,” Wade laughed.

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