How bad did Antonio Brown cross the line?

After the Steelers defeated the Chiefs in Sunday’s playoff game, WR Antonio Brown shared a live Facebook video post game in the locker room.  During this video you hear Coach Tomlin giving a speech to his team and referring to the Patrios as “a**holes”.

Who is at fault here? Is it Coach Tomlin for being himself and playing his role in a post game speech and going over the line with his verbage or is it Antonio Brown for capturing a moment that was supposed to be kept within the team?

Coach Tomlin later came out and called Brown “selfish” for his actions and said he would face repercussions.  Tomlin also apologized for his language in the locker room.

Has social media ruined intimacy in certain situation? Do people know when is enough? What are the boundaries? When is it appropriate? When is it not appropriate?

As a woman in sports, I face social media scrutiny on a regular basis, but I try not post anything personal that would be a detriment to others whom surround me in my industry.  Where is the line drawn? These questions can be answered in many different ways and I think it is important to use the typical “think before you post” motto.