Joe Chrest is a big fan of Off the Bench

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LSU graduate Joe Chrest of Stranger Things tells us he we are his go-to show for pop culture. Also, he talks about his love for sports and how once he moved from Wyoming to Louisiana he embraced the passion.

“I came down to LSU and just really got into the whole SEC culture,” Chrest said. “I actually teach an acting class over at LSU every semester or so and I use the great coaches more than I use the great acting teachers.”

Chrest said that no one involved with Stranger Things realized how the show would blow up. Once they won their first award, everyone was able to relax and enjoy the feeling.

“It’s a nice feeling to enrich people’s lives,” Chrest said about how Stranger Things has resonated with fans.

He explains what it’s been like to be in the industry for 30 years. He describes it as a rollercoaster of dad roles since Jump Street, but that you might as well ride the typecasting wave.

Finally, he gives us his prediction for Coach Orgeron and his Tigers this season.

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