Joe Lisi Explains Why LSU Will Beat Bama This Year.

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“I’m taking LSU on the road against Bama,” said Joe Lisi. Yep, you heard that right!

Joe Lisi is READY for College Football. He has already put out a preview for each roster’s and stats for every Power 5 school.

Joe Lisi thinks Washington is a sleeper team to make the CFP. Is he sold on Oregon? Their road losses the past year makes it look unlikely.

“I think LSU can be there as well,” said Lisi. “I love the way LSU played football last year.”

But what happens if LSU loses to Bama and runs the table and goes 11-1? Does LSU’s season ride on the Texas¬† match up on September 7th?

“I like LSU’s physicality in the Texas game,” said Lisi.

The most overrated team this year: Auburn. As far as transfer QB’s, Tate Martel at Miami and Jacob Eason at Washington stand out the most.¬† Find out why.