Lee Feinswog on the AD trade, LSU in the NBA Draft, the Vandy Whistler and beer.

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Matt is joined by Lee Feinswog talking the AD trade, “The one thing I like about Ball is he does have the ability to step back and shoot a long three,” Feinswog said.

On Naz Reid, “I’d be surprised if he is ever an All-Star,” Feinswog said. On Tremont Waters, “You don’t get to run around and play the type of defense he played at LSU in the NBA,” Feinswog said.

Should the Vandy Whistler be ejected for whistling?  “Personally I don’t find his whistling as annoying as grunting in women’s pro tennis,” Feinswog said. “How do you kick a guy out who is not using an artificial noise maker and is just whistling?”

Lee’s beer of the week is The Perfect Disguise by Dogfish Head.