Lowell Narcisse on OTB 8-15-18


Jordy and T-Bob interview Lowell Narcisse.


  1. Bourque 15 August, 2018 at 12:17 Reply

    You broke my heart!! I’m from right down the road from where you played high school ball. Saw you as a the QB to lead LSU to success.
    You see, I had a dream that mid season 2018, coach O sent you in, and you took us from defeat to victory. The next week you started and finished the season as leader of the team, leading LSU to a great finish and in a bowl victory. In my dream, the team was yours as long as you stayed.
    Sorry for your decision. Have you followed Brady’s career? He was 6th in line. Where is he now? Oh, Man we so wanted it to be YOU!!!

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