Matt Wyatt thinks Joe Burrow will be more comfortable in 2019.

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Film guru and YouTube star, Matt Wyatt, joined the show to break down QB play in the SEC.

He explained that his purpose to post film breakdown on YouTube is to help fans realize how hard it is for a college QB. Specifically, he talked about Joe Burrow. Wyatt praised Burrow’s game against Auburn.

“Winning is much more than how hard can you throw it. Can you bounced back after they get hit,” said Wyatt. “I could see the players around Burrow respond to him as the season went on.”

Will Burrow be better this year?

“He’s gonna be more comfortable,” said Wyatt. “I just think he’s going to show a lot of improvement.

Wyatt also broke down Florida’s, Felipe Franks, and Missouri’s, Kelly Bryant, Miss State QB battle and more!

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