Magic Mike Martin’s 40th season win

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Head Coach Mike Martin talks about coming back down to Earth after a lot of lucky breaks and a big Super Regional win against the Tigers this weekend. Certainly, that won’t be easy after hitting his 40th win of the season.

“For me to sit here and say 40 didn’t matter, that’s a bunch of bull,” Martin said through a laugh.

He makes it clear that as special as every single one of his wins felt, he owes it all to the men who suit up and play the game. He also gives a lot of credit to LSU’s Head Coach Paul Mainieri.

“Paul Mainieri is one of the nicest, classiest baseball coaches I’ve ever competed against,” Martin said of the coach. “When he whipped our butts five or six times, he was the same. When we won a couple of games years ago, he was the same. This week, that was a tough loss for him yesterday, and I felt for him. Yet, he showed what kind of person he is by what he said to me when the game was over. Something I can honestly tell anyone who’s listening, I don’t think I could have been that nice.”

But he didn’t have to make that decision. His Seminoles walked away with two wins on the weekend and a 12th inning walk-off by Drew Mendoza to put the icing on the cake.

“Everybody has their way of doing things and with the game developing the way it was and the way (Mendoza) had handled (Fontenot) before…I would much rather face Mendoza than Martin,” Martin said of Mainieri’s controversial decision to pitch to Drew Mendoza.

Martin, who is retiring at season’s end after 40 years as the Seminoles’ head coach, is heading back to Omaha for his 17th time this weekend. He has never won a national title. Maybe this will be the year he does.

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