Pat Swilling is still getting asked for Dome Patrol posters

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Former New Orleans Saints legend Pat Swilling joined Jordy and T-Bob on Off the Bench to talk about his induction into the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame.

Swilling discussed living in New Orleans and being part of the Dome Patrol. We just wanted to play at a high level and do our jobs.

“I still have people write me or ask me for those posters,” Swilling said.

What stood out to him in the first Saints preseason game? Furthermore, when he looks forward to the regular season, what does he expect to see from the defense?

“The only thing was that (Teddy) Bridgewater played really well and that’s what I wanted to see,” Swilling said.”This year we have some good defensive backs, there are a couple young guys back there that are going to be pretty good.”

Finally, he is now a “football day” and he discussed what that’s like.

“It brings a small on my face,” Swilling said. “It’s one of those things that is a dream come true.”

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