Rohan Davey breaks down LSU’s 45-38 victory over Texas

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Rohan Davey joins Matt to talk the LSU victory over Texas this past weekend in Austin. Joe Burrow’s performance was the best passing game an LSU quarterback had since Davey in 2001. Did Davey see any similarities in Joe’s performance to his own back then?

“Just a definite calmness, and understanding where he wanted to go with the ball at all time,” Davey said. “He was in total control.”

Davey breaks down the 3rd and 17 touchdown pass that iced the game in this week’s chalk talk segment.

Matt has said since Saturday night that the 3rd and 17 touchdown is one of those ‘where were you when’ moments. Davey agrees but on one condition.

“If the year continues on the upward trend, then no doubt about it,” Davey said. “If the year doesn’t contend on this trend it will be a what if.”

Texas had no answer for LSU on offense all night long. Davey says this has to do with the man taking the snap from center.

“The decision making of Joe Burrow,” Davey said. “If he’s not putting the guys in the right position, getting the ball out on time and distributing it to the right target then the offense doesn’t move like that.”

A lot has been made about the young running backs not seeing time in this game. Davey offers an explanation as to why that might have been the case.

“Probably not a good grasp of the gameplan throughout the week, wanting the veteran guys in the big situation. It could be a lot of things,” Davey said.

The offensive line is the focal point of LSU’s team. It is the group that has the most questions. How does Davey grade their performance from Saturday?

“I think they held it together after the first quarter,” Davey said. “I would give them a C+. They can be a lot better, but I do see improvement.”

Through two games the offense has been unstoppable. Davey offers the strategy he would use to try and stop the Tigers’ spread.

“I think they have to disrupt the timing,” Davey said. “You have to get up in their face and play cover five.”