Ross Dellenger thinks LSU is the better team, but is not sure they’ll beat Texas

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Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss college football.

Dellenger talked about his newest article on Trevor Lawerence and college football, including how he thinks LSU’s signal caller Joe Burrow stacks up next to the Clemson QB. Furthermore, he thinks Burrow is definitely a top 15-20 quarterback.

“I think he’s up there, he certainly proved that he’s not just one of those game manager type of quarterbacks,” Dellenger said. “He’s a little bit more.”

There are a lot of SI Top 10 lists floating around in the preseason, including best all-time games, programs, so on and so forth. He made it clear that the editors chose the lists and not the writers. All the writers have gotten a lot of push back, but he admitted that someone or some program is always going to feel left out.

“These lists are going to make me want to quit journalism,” Dellenger said.

Finally, Dellenger gave the low down on who he thinks will reign supreme in the week two match-up between LSU and Texas.

“It would make a differerce for me if they were playing in Tiger Stadium,” Dellenger said. “But it’s a night game in Austin; It would be huge if LSU could come out of there with a win.”

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