Ryan Eades On Making His MLB Debut

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“You’re going to the Big Leagues, kid,” – Twins Double A manager.

That’s how former LSU pitcher Ryan Eades found out he was going to make his MLB debut recently. It describe it as a “surreal” moment. Next thing he knew, Eades was making his MLB debut after the first 4 innings. He had a pretty good feeling he was going to pitch that day.

It’s been a long road since getting drafted in 2013. It was a long road with a lot of ups and downs. He constantly asked himself: “Is this thing gonna work out?” But Eades never thought about giving up his dream.

“Trust the process. Keep your head down and keep grinding,” said Eades.

He made his debut in a loss to Detroit. Even that didn’t ruin his expectations of playing in The Show.

“It’s everything I’d dream it be and more,” said Eades.