Scott Roussel 11-27-15


Football Scoop’s Scott Rousel breaks down the latest news surrounding Les Miles’ job status on Morning Drive.

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  1. Thomas Williams 27 November, 2015 at 12:29 Reply

    Les Miles is staying true to form in how he keeps adjust his personality to play up to the Show for appearance sake. Knowing all along that his personality doesn’t have the winning intangibles of a man who thoroughly knows his job.

    Les Miles starts becoming an entertainer and plays to the emotion of the people around him. After doing that he has nothing else left to help the young college football players become more efficient playing football. And Miles had no imagination for helping the LSU football team to simply make a first down, when the team needed that the most.

    The people at that Les Miles Radio Show who likes to share the TV limelight seem to also play up to the Show for the Show sake. Because who in their right mind would shed tears over someone you really don’t know and that allowed Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, to comply run roughshod over the LSU fighting tigers football team.

    Playing up to the Show for appearance sake does not a coach make, you know what I mean.

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