Sean Fazende stops by to recap Saints, Chargers

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Is Taysom Hill better than Teddy Bridgewater? Fox 8’s Sean Fazende joins Matt to answer that question, as well as the battle at wide reciever. Taysom Hill is the new darling after leading the Saints back from a second half deficit against LA after a rough start from Bridgewater. So is Hill the better option?

“That’s kind of been the hot take,” Fazende said. “You do have to take into account who was playing who.”

Although Hill was playing against the third string, Fazende says he doesn’t want to discount the growth that Taysom Hill has grown as a quarterback.

Matt and Sean talk the battle at reciever. Emmanuel Butler is a name who has been a favorite at this position throughout camp. Butler made headlines for the wrong reasons against the Chargers after a key drop in the game.

“Well that was tough to see,” Fazende said. “With Michael Thomas not playing he got the opportunity to run with ones.”

Fazende says Butler’s performance definitley cooled off the hype with some in the organization.

As far as who Fazende is favoring in the reciever competition he is going with consistency over hype.

“I think the guy who has played the most consistent is Simmie Cobbs,” Fazende said.

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