Stevan Ridley is still chasing his NFL dream

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Former Tiger Stevan Ridley talked about how he’s still chasing his dream in the NFL.

“It’s tough going season to season. It’s been a bunch of one year deals here and there. I just keep grinding and pushing.”

What keeps pulling him back in? Knowing that he can still go.

“You have to be real with yourself. I’m going into year 8, year 9 and there are some young guys coming up behind me. If I couldn’t play, I would sit it down.”

Natchez, Miss. is his happy place. Plus, he prides himself on being a country guy at heart. He tries to learn as much as he can working with his hands doing things like landscaping and welding.

“Football is short-lived. I try to keep myself busy. I want to keep my mind busy. It’s a stressful time.”

Finally, Ridley talks about visiting LSU and how is relationship has been a bit distance. However, he’ll always love the program.

“I’m a Tiger at heart.”

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