The Riot Podcast, Episode 28 — 2-12-19 (presented by PRIME OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE)

Weekly Podcast

Matt and Ryan are back for another episode filled mostly with foolishness.  The guys did preview the LSU-Kentucky basketball game but their attempt to dive into “Ryan’s Why’s” was derailed by a plethora of poor musical choices.  Ultimately, Matt ended up singing (badly) Backstreet Boys with appearances by Reba, Rascal Flatts, John Mayer and Mary J. Blige.  Seriously, you just have to hear it.  Kick Rocks returned with the AAF, Toronto Raptors and T-Bob Hebert all in the cross-hairs.  Ryan divulged a few LSU baseball nuggets and the guys wrapped up with Ask Us which included a question about Dolly Parton’s nipples.  Seriously.