Will Wade likes that Kevin Nickelberry brings the perspective of a head coach

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LSU Head Basketball Coach Will Wade broke down how summer workouts are going for the team. Also, he discussed how the team is taking the nutrition bull by the horn and how that will help prevent injury this season.

“We’re making good gains in the weight room,” Wade said. “We overhauled our nutrition program this year.”

Wade talks about the new hires to his coaching staff and how he landed on Kevin Nickelberry as “the guy.”

“I actually used to work for him when I was at Clemson. I felt like we needed someone who had some experience and he’s really good at building relationships with the players. He turned down jobs as a recruiter to come here and work with us. He brings a perspective as a head coach.”

Furthermore, he compliments his other new guy Tasmin Mitchell.

“There aren’t many peple who have more passion for our basketball program than Taz,” Wade said.

Wade broke down the additions James Bisop, Charles Manning Jr., and Trendon Watford to his team. Finally, he talks about how they plan replace the guys they’ve lost like Kavell Bigby-Williams.

“Good question, we’re still working on that,” Wade laughed.

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