AFR 1-10-2020 Hour 3 | The Riot Radio Hour w/Ryan Theriot

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by Ryan Theriot for the Riot Radio Hour. Matt and Theriot pay tribute to their friend the late 5th Ward Weebie.

Former LSU and NFL cornerback Corey Webster joins Matt and Ryan to talk LSU’s mindset heading into the National Championship Game on Monday. What is going through the team’s head at this point?

“The energy is off the chart, but coach is going to do a good job I think of keeping them in the same mindset as a regular week,” Webster said.

Webster won a national title in New Orleans at LSU. What is that experience truly like?

“I don’t think there’s nothing like that. To be right down the road for a 60 minute battle,” Webster said. “You have all your family there, and the whole state is literally behind you.”

Chris Fowler will be on the call for ESPN on Monday Night when LSU takes on Clemson. Fowler joins Matt and Ryan to preview the game. What is the difference between Clemson’s defense this year as opposed to last year?

“Fewer elite players if you look at four or five star talent,” Fowler said. “I think they make up for it with excellent secondary play. Offensively I think they are better. Ross and Lawrence are a year older.”

What impresses Fowler most about Joe Burrow?

“What doesn’t impress you about him? I had a ringside seat to see him win the Heisman,” Fowler said. “It was my 26th year hosting the event and that one will always rank near the top.”

The guys wrap up with listener questions for Theriot during “Ask Ryan.”

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