AFR 10-22-19 Hour 2 | Top 5 Saints players per PFF

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by author, Jeffery Marx who talks the interesting connection between Washington D.C. and Alex Bregman’s family. The story has come to light as Bregman’s Astros prepare to face the Nationals is the World Series.

“I thought about it right away when the Nationals made it,” Marx said. “I was just hoping that the Astros would make it.”

Host of Sports225, Lee Feinswog joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk sports and beer.

Feinswog compaigns for LSU to name the basketball court in honor of Sue Gunter and Dale Brown.

Lee says he’s watching the World Series tonight instead of the NBA because the playoffs haven’t started. Is there anything to keep an eye on with the Assoiciation’s opening night.

“You have to be curious about the Lakers experiment,” Feinswog said. “But other than that I’ll watch a lot of highlights.”

Lee’s beer recommendation of the week is Office Party by Abita Brewing.

Was anything better than MC Hammer in 1990?

Matt takes us through the Top 5 Saints players from last week according to Pro Football Focus.

Musso catches us up on the former Tigers in the pros.

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