AFR 11-21-19 Hour 1 | Ryan Clark talks LSU Football for an hour

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt is joined by former LSU and NFL safety Ryan Clark to talk LSU Football. The Tigers defense is taking some heat after allowing 37 points and 400 yards rushing to Ole Miss. The majority of the yards came in the second half. What did Clark see that went wrong down the stretch in the game?

“You come into a game understanding that the gameplan is to defend a certain thing. They run certain plays out of certain formations,” Clark said. “I think they saw some cracks and some leaks in formations and tried to change their fits.”

Is there something to be said that up 31-7 at the half the defense was ready to get on the bus and get home?

“I don’t think it’s necessarily let’s get on the bus,” Clark said. “This team wanted to choke them out. They wanted no more ball movement. When you start to call plays like that, you start to press a little more. I think you could’ve played and called the game differently.”

Clark is worried if LSU could stop Ohio State’s offense who can do some similar things to Ole Miss. How is are the two offenses similar?

“I’m not saying they are similar schematically. I’m saying they can put you in the same situations that Ole Miss did,” Clark said. “Athletically they are so much better than Ole Miss. Offensively they are just as talented as we are. That would be a difficult game for us. We would have to score some points.”

Clark talks the ankle injury to safety Grant Delpit.

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