AFR 11-27-19 Hour 3 | College Football is Broken

Weekdays 3PM - 6PM

In hour three of After Further Review, Matt recaps the latest College Football Playoff rankings. Matt talks the opinions of others around the country, as well as, the broken system that is college football’s postseason.

Russ Mitchell joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk all things SEC Football. What is Mitchell’s take on the latest College Football Playoff rankings?

“Man they clearly aren’t watching games. I mean obviously you’re going to play somebody,” Mitchell said. “I watched both of the games and nothing I saw from Ohio State warranted them jumping LSU.”

Mitchell knows he’s voting Joe Burrow No. 1 for the Heisman, but who has his second place vote?

“I don’t think I’ll give it to Jalen. He is pretty amazing, but that offense is taylormade to him,” “It’s hard not to give it to Jalen. I think J.K. Dobbins is grossly underrated.”

Matt wraps up with the best person in sports, and what’s everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving food?

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