AFR 11-29-19 Hour 1 | Saints defeat Falcons 26-18, Win NFC South

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt recaps the Saints Thanksgiving 26-18 win over the Falcons. The Black and Gold defense sacked Matt Ryan nine times in the game. The win clinched the NFC South Division for the third year in a row. Matt talks the adjustments made in just 18 days since the Saints lost to the Falcons. That’s the good, but there was some bad in the game. The Saints receivers dropped too many passes. The hands team failed to recover three onside kicks in a row, and officiating continues to be an issue.

Matt talks the latest committment for LSU Football in the 2020 cycle. Three star offensive lineman and former Alabama commit, Xavier Hill pledged to the Tigers on Thanksgiving Day. Matt recaps the key points from Coach O’s radio show on Wednesday night. The LSU head coach updated the status of a couple key players, and talked about the emotion going into this game after last year.

In segment three Matt talks the finish of the Egg Bowl. Matt also goes around the SEC with stories on Arkansas, Mississippi State, Georgia and A&M.

Celebrity chef and Talk 107.3 host, Jay Ducote joins Matt for the weekly tailgate segment. Ducote brings a special guest with him in Mickey Martin from Ralph’s Market.

“We are celebrating Matt. We are celebrating the SEC West, a Heisman Trophy, a potential SEC Championship,” Ducote said. “You know how you celebrate a Heisman Trophy Matt? You drink Pappy 23.”

Ducote brings in some ribs in honor of LSU’s matchup with Texas A&M on Saturday.

“We are going to break some A&M ribs tomorrow,” Ducote said.

Ducote explains his 3, 2, 1 method for cooking ribs.

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