AFR 12-3-19 Hour 2 | Latest Heisman Odds

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt gives the latest Heisman odds. Joe Burrow’s Heisman odds have been taken down by some sports books because they refuse to take anymore bets on him. USA Today released their latest Heisman watch. Burrow is once again an unanimous No. 1. According to FanDuel Burrow is the favorite at -1400.

“You would have to bet $1400 on Joe Burrow to win $100,” Matt said.

Host of Sports225, Lee Feinswog joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk sports and beer. Today is the 35 year anniversary of Feinswog’s first job in Baton Rouge, working for The Morning Advocate. Feinswog has never left since.

What has Feinswog made of watching Joe Burrow for the last two seasons?

“If you think about it in terms of hype, Leonard Fournette was the most hyped recruit in LSU history. He had a nice career at LSU,” Feinswog said. “What Burrow has done this season, I don’t think you can argue that it’s not the single best individual season in LSU history.”

Matt hopes on the coaching carousel in segment three.

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the pros.

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