AFR 12-3-19 Hour 3 | Mo Hampton returns to practice

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt talks the return of LSU safety, Mo Hampton to practice today. Hampton missed practice yesterday for a funeral per Brody Miller of The Athletic.

Alex Scarbourgh has a new feature up at ESPN about the redemption story of Ed Orgeron. Scarbourgh ties the redemption into the success Orgeron and the Tigers are having this season. Matt gives his takeaways from the piece.

Former LSU and NFL quarterback Rohan Davey joins Matt in his weekly segment to preview the SEC Championship Game. Davey was the quarterback the first time LSU went to the championship game in 2001. What is the most important part of preparation for this game?

“The biggest thing is to understand that the spectacle and everything that surrounds it is for the fans. It’s not for you,” Davey said. “The quicker they can keep it as normal as possible the better.”

Davey played for Nick Saban at LSU and went to Super Bowls with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the NFL. How did they handle big game weeks to make it feel like just another game?

“We didn’t shy away from who we were facing or what we were facing,” Davey said. “When I was in New England that was it. We never shyed away from the obsticle we were facing. That and self evaluation.”

Matt wraps up today’s show with the news of 5-star running back Zach Evans moving his committment date.

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