AFR 12-5-19 Hour 2 | A Full Hour of Football Talk w/Mike Detillier

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In hour two of After Further Review, James is joined by football insider Mike Detillier to talk all things football in Southeast Louisiana. The Saints welcome in the 49ers is a huge matchup in the NFC.

“Both of these teams play a similar brand of football,” Detillier said. “They might scheme it different, but both want to win up front.”

Detillier also points to the play of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Grappolo.

“He doesn’t have to be great. For him it’s make a few plays and don’t screw it up,” Detillier said. “He’s still a prove it to me type player. Eventually in these big games against New Orleans and Baltimore he will have to prove it.”

The Saints are continuing to look for another weapon at reciever beside Michael Thomas. Can the Black and Gold get to where they want to go down the stretch with just Thomas catching passes from Brees?

“I think we would all like to see someone else step up, but they’ve gotten to the NFC Championship game with just Mike,” Detillier said. “Can someone just flip a switch? I don’t see it, but they’re hopeful.”

The SEC Championship is this weekend between LSU and Georgia. The matchup that is dominating the talk surround the game is LSU’s offense vs Georgia’s defense. Who has the edge?

“Years ago I think most people would’ve said give me the defensive team. The game has changed, especially in college,” Detillier said. “The big thing with LSU is as the season has gone along is they have been able to get the running game going. You don’t get as far as they have just being a pass happy offense.”

“With that huge offensive line, they are going to try and come out and run it,” “That’s their bread and butter. They aren’t going to change just because of an injury to Swift.”

The guys wrap up the hour with “Ask Mike.”

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