AFR 12-6-19 Hour 2 | LSU’s path back to No. 1

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt continues Live from Atlanta. Matt talks LSU’s potential path back to No. 1 in the playoff rankings. Who has the edge to gain the No. 4 seed if LSU does beat Georgia?

Ryan Theriot joins Matt on the phone in segment two to tell us all why Athens, Georgia sucks. Theriot also gives an update on his hunting camp.

Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger joins Matt on site at the Hyatt Regeincy to preview Championship Weekend. What feeling does Dellenger have about the Pac 12 Championship Game tonight between Utah and Oregon?

“I picked Oregon. I have zero faith in that pick,” Dellenger said. “Athletically, especially on offense Oregon has more firepower.”

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey drops into the show unexpectedly to talk the weekend. Sankey takes us through what this weekend is like for him.

What impact would getting two teams in the playoff have on the SEC finaicially?

“It’s really negligble compared to what we really do,” Sankey said. “The Orange Bowl is a big opportunity for us. The second team in the playoff isn’t really that beneficial for us.”

Dellenger stays around for the last segment of the hour. What has he seen from Georgia’s offense this year compared to last year?

“I had a coach call me a couple weeks ago and say ‘I didn’t know Les Miles was coaching Georgia.’ That’s how conservative they’ve been,” Dellenger said. “I want to see how liberal Kirby will be with the offense knowing they will have to score points to win this game.”

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