AFR 12-6-19 Hour 3 | LSU vs. Georgia, who has the edge?

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt continues Live from Atlanta. Ross Dellenger hangs around to chat and Gordy Rush grabs a mic as well in the first segment. The three discuss the latest scenarios with the College Football Playoff. How would they fix the selection process? Where would each team rather play their semifinal?

Gordy sticks around for the second segment to talk more in depth on the LSU-Georgia matchup. What similarities does Rush see between Georgia and Auburn’s defense?

“Really similar. I don’t think they have the A+ players, but they have more of them,” Rush said.

What is Georgia’s best plan to win this football game?

“You’re going to have to do a lot. Burrow’s seen it all,” Rush said. “If I’m Georgia I want to be able to run the football with Swift and slow it down. I don’t want to get into a shootout with LSU.”

How big of a part does Rush believe Mo Hampton will play on defense for LSU?

“Huge role for me. I love him in the nickel,” Rush said. “He’s the best true free safety they have.”

In segment three Matt and Ross Dellenger talk recent comments made by Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney in regards to the playoff.

Matt and Dellenger discuss how the College Football Playoff can be fixed.

Matt and Ross close the show out by making their picks for the SEC Champsionship.

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