AFR 2-10-2020 Hour 3 | LSU hires Scott Linehan as PGC

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SEC Network basketball analyst Dane Bradshaw joins Matt to kick off hour three. LSU lost a heart breaker to Auburn on Saturday after stubbing their toe at Vanderbilt on Wednesday. How do the Tigers bounce back heading down the stretch in SEC play?

“I think the main thing is to not los that edge and confidence. That’s always been what set LSU apart,” Bradshaw said. “When they are in the huddle they have to have that same winner’s mentality.”

The SEC has been a crazy league so far this year with no one wanting to take control. Who’s the best team in the SEC right now?

“I gotta give it to Auburn right now just because of the tie breaker right now. I’m changing my stance though because I had the fifth, sixth after they lost two in a row,” Bradshaw said. “It’s tough to tell because you know the home court advantage. Neutral court, by the end of the year I would have to give it to Kentucky.”

In segment two Matt talks the hiring of Scott Linehan as LSU’ new passing game coordinator.

More talk about the passing game coordinator hire, including your phone calls and tweets.

What We Learned wraps the show.

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