AFR 2-11-2020 Hour 1 | Ryan Clark talks the hiring of Scott Linehan

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Former LSU and NFL safety Ryan Clark joins Matt in studio to kick off the show. LSU has Joe Brady’s replacement, hiring Scott Linehan yesterday afternoon. Clark gives his take on the latest addition to Coach O’s staff.

“He’s a very experienced coach and he’s taking the worst job in football,” Clark said. “It was the best job in football last year. Now it’s the worst. No where to go but down brother. So when you look at it, how will his job be evaluated?”

Linehan was coaching in the league when Clark was still playing. Did RC have an opinion on Linehan when he was playing?

“Not at all. When you’re playing you aren’t as focused on who the play caller is as opposed to the plays that are being called,” Clark said. “He’s a good offensive mind. The big thing is going to be building on the momentum of last year.”

Is this hire possibly Coach O planning for the future? Is Linehan an older guy who could put down roots and stay for a while, maybe even replace Ensminger?

“I don’t know if you look at it that way. You look at it as getting the best guy for the job at the time,” Clark said. “I think Coach Orgeron feels that Scott Linehan is the best man to do the job. You can’t do the planning thing because if you are good enough you want people to come get your dudes.”

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