AFR 2-13-2020 Hour 1 | Paul Mainieri announces Opening Day Lineup

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LSU Baseball opens the season tomorrow. Paul Mainieri announced his starting lineup today at media availability. In hour one of After Further Review, Matt reacts to the lineup. There are some surprises.

Coach O was on Off the Bench Tuesday morning. The Tigers’ head coach talked the move to the 4-3 defense, and also announced that defensive lineman Justin Thomas is returning to the team for spring.

The Astros spoke today and apologized for the sign stealing scandal. Hear what former LSU Tiger Alex Bregman had to say.

Jameis Winston underwent lasik surgery this week. Matt brings in Dr. Blake Williamson of the Williamson Eye Center to discuss if this can really improve Winston’s performance on the field.

“It’s going to give him the opportunity to see the whole field. He will be able to see the tight windows, as well.” Dr. Williamson said. “I think it’s really going to be tremendous for him.”

Will this really help Winston play better on the field next season?

“I don’t have any doubt. It should definitely help him,” Dr. Williamson said. “I think Jameis is probably going to play a whole lot better next year.”

Matt goes around the SEC with stories of Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and Arkansas.

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