AFR 2-13-2020 Hour 2 | A Full Hour of Football Talk w/Mike Detillier

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by football insider Mike Detillier to talk all things football in south Louisiana. LSU hired Joe Brady’s replacement earlier this week. It’s Scott Linehan. Detillier shares his thoughts.

“I think if you listened to what Coach O had been saying now for a couple weeks is he was heading in the direction of an NFL coach,” Detillier said.

Does it seem that Linehan is long for the college game or could he see this as an opportunity to ge

“Really I could care less. Here’s my take, If he takes this job and becomes an offensive coordinator in the NFL, that means he swung the gate pretty hard at LSU,” Detillier said. “If he can get another job off of this, God bless him.”

Taysom Hill has made it known that he wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Mike D doesn’t believe he will get starter money in free agency this offseason, and will stay in New Orleans. Detillier expands on what Hill’s role will be this season with the Saints.

“Every thing will depend on what happens with Drew. I think we will find out pretty quick,” Detillier said. “If Drew returns I think Taysom returns in a similar role. You would have to see him in a more exclusive role at quarterback. I don’t think it would happen during the season, but he would get ample opportunity in the preseason.”

The NFL Draft is fast approaching. Detillier talks his latest mock draft.

Your questions for Mike D wrap the hour.

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