AFR 2-20-2020 Hour 2 | A Full Hour of Football Talk w/Mike Detillier

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by football insider Mike Detillier to talk all things football in south Louisiana. The biggest news this week is the return of Drew Brees to the Saints in 2020. Detillier gives us his reaction on the decision and the timing.

“Ya know he didn’t want to mess around with Mardi Gras, so he had to hit it early. It wasn’t a big surprise,” Detillier said. “Just hearing from people around him, they all indicated that he would return. It’s certainly a tough decision. I think he just did not want to end it the it ended in that game against the Vikings. It gives the Saints a shot at a Super Bowl in 2020.”

Brees returing all but assures that Teddy Bridgewater will play elsewhere next season. Who is in the running for Bridgewater?

“I think certainly the Panthers, the Chargers. Some people have said Tampa, but he’s not the type of quarterback that Arians wants,” Detillier said. “I think Carolina is an option for sure. Matt Rhule might bring in a bridge quarterback, and then try and get Joe Burrow.”

There is a lot of speculation on if Joe Burrow wants to play for the Bengals. Mike D weighs in on the Burrow to Cincy discussion.

“You’ve got no leverage in this situation. Not with Mike Brown. That’s not how he works,” Detillier said. “I suspect that no matter what the Bengals have come to the conclusion that Joe Burrow is their guy, and they will make that selection. Unless someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse. Once they pick you, they’ve got you for five years.”

Mike D talks the main storylines surrounding the LSU guys as they prepare for the upcoming NFL Combine.

The guys wrap the hour with listerner questions for Detillier during “Ask Mike.”

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