AFR 2-25-2020 Hour 2 | Joe Burrow will play for ‘whoever drafts’ him

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Former LSU running back Nick Brossette joins Matt in hour two of After Further Review. Brossette is on the DC Defenders of the XFL, and scored his first touchdown on Sunday. What was the moment like?

“It felt good, I’m out here just enjoying myself. Having fun with the guys,” Brossette said. “It’s a good time.”

The Defenders have a lot of former LSU players on the roster. What’s the connection like between the guys?

“Yeah we definitely have a connection,” Brossette said. “I was sitting at dinner with AJ last night at dinner and we were talking about our time at LSU. How it was different, how it was the same.”

Is it everybody’s goal in the XFL to get back to the NFL?

“Yeah I would say so. People take different paths to get there,” Brossette said. “People have different stories, and I’ve been learning everybody’s story, and how they are trying to get back to the NFL.”

Host of Sports225 Lee Feinswog joins Matt on AFR in his weekly spot to talk sports and beer. LSU Basketball is set to retire the jersey of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Chris Jackson) this weekend vs. Texas A&M. Feinswog shares his memories of covering Abdul-Rauf at LSU.

Feinswog gives a preview of LSU’s trip to Florida on Wednesday night.

“This game is huge from a seeding perspective for both teams,” Feinswog said.

Joe Burrow spoke at the NFL Combine today. Hear what the former LSU quarterback had to say.

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the pros.

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