AFR 2-26-2020 Hour 1 | LSU Hoops heads to Florida.

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt previews LSU Basketball’s trip to Gainesville tonight. These games have been extremely close over the last four. For LSU it will be the same formula as all season. Make free throws and crash the boards.

Former LSU pitcher Alden Cartwright joins Matt to preview LSU-La Tech tonight at The Box. Coach Mainieri has said that he will pick one lineup tonight and stick with it for the week.  How does Cartwright feel about this move?

“Absolutely, because guys have to get into some sort of rhythm,” Cartwright said. “I definitely think that’s a good play. Baseball is all about consistency. You have to get in that rhythm.”

Junior left hander Brandon Kaminer will start tonight. What has Cartwright seen from Kaminer early in the season?

“I haven’t seen much of him. From what I have seen he seems to be figuring it out,” Cartwright said. “If coach is putting him in this situation, he definitely believes in his stuff. This is a huge opportunity for him.”

Will Muschamp believes that the XFL Kickoff rules will end up in college football. Matt weighs in.

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Kentucky, Auburn, State, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas.

The Pelicans lost to the Lakers last night in Staples Center. Matt recaps the game.

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