AFR 2-27-2020 Hour 1 | LSU falls 81-66 at Florida

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt recaps a terrible night for LSU Basketball. The Tigers fell flat on their face in Gainesville losing 81-66 to Florida. While LSU Basketball was getting their teeth kicked in LSU Baseball played one of their best games, and scored a win over Louisiana Tech 7-1. Matt recaps the win.

Dane Bradshaw of the SEC Network joins Matt to talk basketball around the league. LSU has lost 3 of their last 4 on the road. What is the main issue with the Tigers?

“Is it because it was just a matter of time? I don’t know,” Bradshaw said. “Throughout that winning streak LSU made enough winning plays. They were able to takeaway a team’s strength, or dominate them on the offensive glass. I think it’s a little bit of the law of averages to some degree.”

LSU’s defense is a huge weakness for the team. Is it because of a lack of effort?

“Honestly, I hate to comment on that because I have not had LSU this year. So I haven’t seen them up close in person,” “When they have to play well on defense because they aren’t scoring, they are a pretty good team. When they start to score, their defense begins to lack. Does that come back to effort? Yeah I guess it does.”

Musso tells Matt about ULM’s big inning last night against Paul’s Southeastern Lions. Matt goes around the SEC with stories on South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama and more.

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the Pros.

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