AFR 2-27-2020 Hour 2 | A Full Hour of Football Talk w/Mike Detillier

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by football insider Mike Detillier to talk all things football in south Louisiana. The NFL Combine is in full swing this week. We found out that Joe Burrow has small hands. Does this really matter?

“Don’t make a damn bit of difference to me. This time of year I think people are looking for stories,” Detillier said. “I think this is a way for some people to knock Joe because he’s riding that wave.”

Former LSU tight end Thad Moss has suffered another setback. Moss has a Jones Fracture in his foot. The tight end is expected to miss atleast 8 weeks, including LSU’s Pro Day. Detillier talks the high interest in Moss from NFL teams.

“He is the one guy I’ve gotten more calls about from, I call them double scouts. Guys who are double checking their southeastern scout,” Detillier said. “It’s not even close.”

In the second segment Detillier talks the most recent coaching changes at LSU. Tommy Robinson is heading to Texas A&M, and Kevin Faulk is replacing him as running backs coach in Baton Rouge.

Matt and Detillier talk the latest surrounding the current proposed CBA in the NFL. Detillier believes that eventually it will pass.

Tom Brady’s people have said they have had conversations with three different teams, none of which are the Patriots. Is Mike D buying that Brady isn’t going to play in New England next season?

“I’m buying this. He’s making a lot of noise that he wants out,” Detillier said. “If somebody is upset with me and they are squaking at me about it, they want me to talk to them about it. It’s when they aren’t saying anything that you should worried. I think this is Brady’s camp saying ‘hey talk to us.’ I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he ends up back in New England.”

The hour wraps with listener questions for Detillier during “Ask Mike.”

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